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Now in the age of global integration, the financial management work to keep pace with the needs of the development of enterprises, under the condition of market economy, enterprises to survive, develop and profit must strengthen financial management, financial outsourcing this new type of management mode has become a trend. Enterprises can obtain more professional services through financial outsourcing, which can save costs, avoid risks and manage financial affairs according to law.


Our advantages:

1. We have a professional management team, senior financial and compliance experts, and years of financial compliance audit experience in the pharmaceutical and medical device industries, which can provide better and more professional services.

2. We actively understand the latest technology, the market at the same time, combined with customer demand customized development of end-to-end automation solutions, including the invoice automatically verification, audit process automation to improve efficiency and quality, reduce labor costs.

3. We are an expert in the field of financial compliance, combining the dual requirements of customer finance and compliance.

4. We help customers’ process optimization, refine job functions, adjust team structure, standardize every step of the logical process, and ensure quality through the process.

5. We have our own internal training system, which takes certification as the assessment standard to ensure that every employee can provide professional services to customers.

Areas of our service:

1. T&E financial and compliance audit

2. Invoice scanning, accounts payable, and related reconciliation services

3. Automatic verification of supplier information and VAT invoice

4. Financial process consulting and solutions

5. Financial data analysis

6. Remote following and other background compliance services

Our service & success cases

GFC provide customers with quality and efficient audit service according to the customer in the company's travel policy, and the actual needs for travel expenses audit, through the provision of professional personnel, standardized process, automation solutions, etc.

Case One:

Background: The original audit process of client A is complex, and it is difficult for audit staff to ensure the unified audit results. The quality of sampling inspection has been unable to meet the internal compliance requirements.

Description: In GFC BPO team after the intervention, the use of six sigma process management tools such as the analysis of the problem root cause, and do the process to comb, respectively from the process will review post segment, and made all the steps of standardization; The personnel structure was readjusted and the training system was established. Develop automation tools and standardize logical operation results. Finally, within 6 months, the result of 100% accuracy of customer internal sampling inspection was achieved, which was highly recognized by the customer.


Case Two:

Background: The amount of bills issued by the original supplier of customer B is huge. VAT invoices and PO orders are all subject to manual review, which is not only inefficient, but also impossible to avoid certain manual errors.

Description: In GFC BPO team after the intervention, the application in the automation solution, whether the VAT invoice or the PO documents, has realized the OCR automated identification, inspection, auditing, greatly improving the work efficiency and quality is truly a 100% correct.

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