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Background on corruption in business

- Anti-corruption in business has become a trend globally

- Regulators in China continuously intensify the crackdown on anti-corruption

- All multinational companies in China are bound to face the environment with tightening supervision

- Industries such as pharmaceutical, medical devices, auto, FMCG industries etc. become the focus of anti-corruption in business areas

Manifestations of corruption

- To cover up inappropriate cash payments by providing false expense reimbursement vouchers

- To transfer benefits through intermediaries

- To transfer benefits through service providers

- Fictional marketing activities

- Collective corruption of sales group

Our advantages

- Deeper understanding of the risk points/areas of anti-corruption in pharmaceutical industry based on long-term and close cooperation with multinational pharmaceutical companies

- Audit techniques combing the detailed auditing and data analysis that grounded on risk-oriented auditing mode

- Professional team with rich experience and strict internal control

- Guaranteed quality upon standardized audit system

- Smooth embedding into the clients’ existing workflow with flexible service schemes

Our service & successful cases

- Due Diligence Service Scope ( Standard , Customized )

- Consulting and Benchmarking on the Compliance Policy

- Event Spot check ( Meeting on-site , Remote )

- Regular Expenses Audit

- Special Compliance Audit

- Merchant Investigation

- Investigation of Significant Compliance Cases

- Staff Interview

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