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New Ten Years'Journey, GFC 2019 School Recruitment

"New decade, new journey", in 2019, GFC Consulting entered a new milestone, the thirst for talent is also more intense, we hope that more and more young talents will join in, import fresh blood to GFC. After the successful conclusion of "Shanghai College Spring Job Fair 2019", on April 2, GFC Consulting came to Wuchuan Road Campus of Shanghai University of Finance and Economics to give a campus presentation. HR with Intelligent Business Solutions Department recruited talents.

As a consulting company growing up in China, GFC Consulting has formed a Shanghai-centered business. At the same time, it has branches in Beijing, Shenzhen, Chongqing, Hong Kong and Singapore. Knowing the GFC Consulting will go to Shanghai University of Finance and Economics for campus recruitment ,The students made an early online registration reservation. On the day of the seminar, there were plenty of seats. According to the sum of resumes submitted on the statistical line plus on-site applications, there were more than 100 CV, and the competition was fierce.

In order to let students better understand GFC Consulting, Vincent Yu, head of Intelligent Business Solutions Department, and Alan Jiang, project manager, both came to the campus to share and answer questions for students. Vincent mentioned that over the past decade, GFC Consulting has focused on medical, automotive, science and technology, Internet, industrial products, consumer and service industries, serving hundreds of global top 500 multinational enterprises and leading domestic enterprises, accumulated profound industry experience and rich success cases, and won full recognition from customers. Vincent also introduced the challenges faced by financial practitioners, such as "integration of industry and finance", "financial sharing", "intelligent finance" and other new concepts. The application of OCR + RPA technology in GFC Intelligent Business Solution made students amazed.

Alan combined his own work experience, shared his experience on how to choose a career . He said that in choosing a job, we should first think about what we want and what we are good at.Secondly observe the characteristics of the industry and the prospects of the industry. Finally, we should understand the corporate strategy, team composition and the specific job content of the target company. We also suggest that students should not be afraid of hardship if they can contact with the actual project. The accumulation of practical experience will benefit the long-term career development. The core value of GFC Consulting is diversified opportunities for employees: understand the pursuits of staff and provide an ideal platform for their self achievements. Added value for customers: understand the client needs and committed to customer satisfaction and accomplishment.True benefits for society: understand the requirements of era development and drive for the best integrated consulting company in China with global reach .

"If students can join GFC Consulting, I believe they will gain a unique professional experience." Alan finally said.

Helen and Season,HR of GFC made a full analysis of the school recruitment positions. The position of management trainee was unanimously sought after by the students. They showed great interest in the training mode of project management experience + professional tutor guidance + regular centralized training + on-the-job practical training. Recruitment process, training plan, Career path and so on, which the students concerned about, have received professional answers from HR. In the "role paly" section, HR also invited student observers to summarize the problems found in the on-site simulation interview, and the on-site interaction atmosphere was warm.

In GFC, the value is enhanced by commitment.

In GFC, win-win cooperation with top enterprises;

In GFC, grow up with excellent team;

In GFC, with excellent partners, wait for you to join!

Following are the posts for this school enrollment. If you wish to join Jiazhong Consulting Family, please send your resume to us:helen.yu@gfc-global.com

Consultant - Tax Direction

1. Assist the line manager to establish and maintain good relations with customers and complete the specific project assignment.

2. Conduct necessary data and information analysis;

3. Research on accounting and tax policies to assist in the development of new services.

4. Communicate with government departments and solve problems.


1. Bachelor's degree in finance, economics, accounting or law.

2. Excellent communication skills, teamwork spirit, problem solving and analysis ability;

3. Proficiency in MS Office skills, especially PowerPoint and Excel;

4. Good English communication skills.

Consultant - Business Direction

1. Aiming at the needs of target customers, assist in the analysis of specific issues such as strategic direction and marketing of enterprises;

2. Communicate effectively with business, functional departments and senior managers to promote the smooth implementation of the plan;

3. Collect relevant information and data from industry, market and policy levels;

4. Participate in project results reporting and assist in efficient communication with customer management team.


1. Bachelor degree or above in economics, finance, finance, human resources management, etc.

2. Strong ability to acquire information and analyze and organize, self-study and research ability of project planning, analysis and writing;

3. Good Excel data collation skills, good business English writing and communication skills.

Data analyst

1. Strictly implement the internal control system of the customer company;

2. Master the reimbursement system and process of the financial, compliance and personnel departments of the customer company, and conduct the audit according to the relevant system;

3. Financial data processing and analysis, necessary follow-up investigation and communication feedback on suspicious documents;

4. Complete working papers and reports as required.


1. Bachelor degree or above, excellent in finance, economics, accounting or law related fields;

2. Excellent communication skills, teamwork spirit, problem solving and analysis ability;

3. Proficient in MS Office skills, good at data analysis software;

4. Good English skills.

Audit Investigator

1. Collect relevant information about suspicious merchants according to suspicious transactions and draft investigation draft;

2. Verify the business information of suspicious merchants on the spot, collect audit evidence and verify the authenticity of invoices issued by the Tax Administration;

3. Investigate the authenticity of suspicious transactions on the spot and collect audit evidence;

4. Summarize and collate the audit evidence collected and draft the investigation report.


1. Bachelor's degree in finance, economics, accounting or law.

2. Excellent communication skills, teamwork spirit, problem solving and analysis ability;

3. Proficiency in MS Office skills, especially PowerPoint and Excel;

4. Good English skills

Management trainees

Job description:

The management trainee project is aimed at outstanding graduates or newly graduated talents. The selected trainees will rotate in different positions and participate in the planning, discussion and execution of internal projects in order to help them have a deep understanding of the company's business. Finally, when the performance evaluation of management trainees is approved, we will base on their performance from different departments. A specific post is assigned in the door. The management trainee will be directed directly by the CEO and general manager of the company to enable it to grow rapidly.

Job requirements:

1. Bachelor degree or above;

2. Excellent communication skills in English and Chinese;

3. Good computer skills and analytical skills;

4. Ability to work under pressure;

5. Strong desire and ability to learn, self-discipline, flexibility and ambition;

7. Ability to learn quickly, teamwork spirit and open-minded personality;

8. Good communication skills and interpersonal skills.

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